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I have experienced extraordinary changes in my life in the past year.

Changes I could never have imagined. There are times that I think I must be dreaming; that things couldn’t be this easy. How did this happen?

My experiences in life before seemed to always include having to struggle to get things done. Hard work and forcing things were my go-to. I spent a lot of time planning and stressing over how I was going to make things happen. I micro-managed every detail, because if I didn’t, who would?  I thought I could only depend on myself to get things done. I accomplished a lot of things I wanted to, no doubt. The thing is, I don’t remember enjoying the process. Not only that, but by the time I got what I was working on, I didn’t appreciate it. I was on to my next mission.

What changed? What is different now?

 I have learned to trust.

I trust that there is a Being greater than myself that provides my heart’s desires. This Being knows me better than I know myself and loves me more than I can imagine.  I trust and follow the clues that come to me. I am open to receive guidance from knowings, conversations, signs, songs, and anywhere else it comes. I trust that when I recognize and follow this guidance, my life flows with grace and ease. I’m learning more every day that when I surrender and let go of control and forcing things to happen that the next step I need to take appears like magic. One of those times is when I sit down to write each week.

A year ago, I had no idea that I loved to write. I didn’t even know to try it. I saw an ad on Instagram for creating content from a mentor of mine. I contacted him and started preparing a presentation for a hair show I was speaking at. Things started to unfold in the most magical way. I created content, not only for the hair show, but to start my blog. I had no idea that someone that was very close to me and that I love very much was the perfect one to do my website, blog, and social media posting. It feels effortless.

When I sit down each week to write my blog post, I never know what I will talk about. From the beginning I told Spirit, ‘This has to be easy. I can’t stress over what to write every week. I want to sit down and know what to write.’ Almost every week, when I start writing, I wonder, ‘where is this going, I don’t know how this is going to come together. I trust and keep writing, and before long, I have a message written. I will tell you that not only does this happen every week, but, someone always thanks me and says they enjoyed my words.

‘It does get to be this easy,’ – that’s my mantra. Ask for what you want, believe it can come with grace and ease, follow the clues you’re given, receive it the way it comes, and be immersed in gratitude and wonder for the magic in your life.

When we change the world changes.

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