Having a mentor has changed my life.

The past several years, I have worked with mentors and have been able to make amazing changes in my life. I started out not knowing who I was or what I wanted. I just knew I wanted to make some big changes in my life. I wasn’t even sure what those changes would look like. I just knew I wanted to feel different. Sounds crazy that you can be in your 50’s and not know what you want to do when you grow up or who you are, right?

I was fearful and thought I was the only one that felt the way that I did. I didn’t think anyone else would understand. How would anyone else know what was going on with me when I didn’t know?

I used the excuse of having only brothers as to why I didn’t share things about how I felt. Feelings were not really allowed growing up, it showed weakness. I blamed circumstances and other people for me being so closed off. That’s the victim mentality I lived under most of my life. It was easier to blame someone or something, giving my power away, than taking responsibility for how I felt and how things were in my life. I was so good at stuffing emotions that I didn’t even know I did it. That is until something didn’t go my way.
Those emotions came flying out sideways, spewing onto everyone within range. I could always feel those emotions welling up, swirling around, getting ready to blow before it happened, but I didn’t know what to do. I allowed what was happening in my outer world to disrupt my inner world.

That was an aha moment for me… I ALLOWED…

So, if I allowed this, then I can change it?
You mean this was always in my hands? You mean I gave my power away and I can take it back? Once I got that, really GOT it, I could make changes to create the life I desired. Yes! We get to create our life however we want!

This for sure does not mean everything goes smoothly and we live happily ever after with no bumps in the road. It just means we’re more equipped to navigate through those times with grace and ease, using the tools we’ve learned along the way.

I am excited to share the things I’ve learned, to inspire you to create changes that bring you joy!

To me, having a successful life means feeling good most of the time.
If I feel good, things go more smoothly. Now my relationships are built on mutual give and take, sharing, and being accountable to myself for showing up as my authentic self no matter how others show up.

We are not meant to do this alone. We are meant to unite and share our stories. We all need love and belonging.

Being in a mentoring program is a commitment.
Doing inner work, uncovering our most extraordinary self takes commitment and consistency.

It is an honor to witness breakthroughs and aha moments that lead to more love and joy in our lives.

Are you ready to make the commitment to show up and put yourself first?

Are you willing to face and work through some difficult things?

What is holding you back?

How I can help you

All the answers you need to create the life you desire lie within you. Often times they are buried deep beneath who we ‘should’ be or what we ‘should’ do. I would love to guide you in the process of becoming who you dream of being. Who would you be if you had no fear of judgement?

Judy is a kind authentic soul. She brings calmness and peace into any situation, which is felt by those around her immediately. She has carried that trait and improved upon it over the years with her training and studies. If you get the chance to work with Judy and use her tools to help make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend it.

Debbie Ramer

Certified Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

During our time together:

  1. I will intuitively help guide you through the areas of your life that you want to gain clarity on.
    *When we have awareness we can change patterns that have been holding us back from experiencing the life we desire.
  2. I will share tools and tips I’ve learned through the years that have helped me grow and expand.
    *When we build a strong foundation of self-care we are more likely to come from a place of responding than reacting when we go through difficult situations. We stay centered.
  3. I will see you and listen to you.
    *When we are seen and heard we feel a sense of trust to share on a deep level.
  4. I will provide a safe place to share without fear of judgement.
    *When we feel safe from judgement we are open to possibilities that we held ourselves back from.
  5. I will help you establish a routine that will support you in uncovering your true essence.
    *Commitment and consistency are key in living a life filled with the richness of who we are. When we commit to diving in and finding what we left behind under layers of who we thought we ‘should’ be we begin to live the life we’re meant to.

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I will be glad to customize any of the packages and will offer single sessions. Connect with me to find out more. I’d love to hear from you!