Feeling your way through life

Emotions can lead us to the parts of ourselves that we have been hiding, ignoring, denying, and fighting against.

Those are the parts that hold great wisdom in our search for purpose and meaning in our lives.

Why do we fight against those parts of ourselves?

Maybe we think we shouldn’t feel how we’re feeling.

Maybe we were told that we were a cry baby or shamed in other ways for our emotions and feelings.

I was always told that there were others in the world who had it a lot worse than I did, so I shouldn’t feel sad or want for things.

I went from denying that I had emotions about things to marrying a man who is not afraid to express his emotions.

The Universe always gives us what we need most, whether we know what we need or not.

I didn’t know that I needed to allow myself to have and express my emotions in a healthy way. I got to learn how to do that in a loving way from my husband.

At first, it took a while for me to get used to my husband expressing disappointment, frustration, or sadness about something. My first thought was, “Get over it, geez, why does that bother you so much?” I didn’t say it…

Not to mention him getting used to me saying, “It’s fine” while my body language and the look in my eyes said something very different.

As I learned more about myself and my lack of acknowledging my emotions, I was grateful for Clint’s example.

I learned that it is not only okay, but necessary to acknowledge, feel, express in a healthy way, and release emotions.

I had to become honest with myself, and that’s not always easy. I didn’t want to admit that I got my feelings hurt or that I felt left out. I was used to just dismissing it by telling myself that it didn’t matter, I didn’t want to do it anyway, if they asked me, I would have said no.

I would armor up to protect myself. Anyone else do that?

That armor kept me from what I wanted more than anything in my life; love and connection.

We can feel love only to the depth that we allow ourselves to feel pain.

The contrast teaches us how to feel our way through our lives and live them fully.

When we change the world changes.

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