Is journaling part of your routine?

You may be surprised to learn that a journal is one of your best self-care tools. Journaling can help you in a myriad of ways, from reducing stress and processing emotions to figuring out your next step and deepening your self-discovery.

Just writing a few minutes a day may help you understand yourself better.

Do you have a resistance to sitting quietly and writing? Ask yourself why. (That is a great journaling prompt.)

I started journaling daily about ten years ago. It has truly given me a better understanding of myself and the subconscious beliefs that I was holding.

I realized that many of those beliefs weren’t mine but were learned when I was young, and didn’t know how to question them.

Our Soul or Higher Self has expanded awareness of what we need. Our humanness often thinks it knows better.

Most of my life I was sure I had all the answers and knew what to do. That brought many challenging situations for me to learn from. Did I mention that I might be a little stubborn?

Journaling regularly helped me realize what beliefs were shaping my life. We must become aware before we can make changes.

In my morning routine, I get out my journal and write:

What does my Soul want me to know today?

I spend five to ten minutes doing automatic writing.

Automatic writing is simply writing with no judgement, no attention to punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, without thinking about what you’re writing. If words aren’t coming, doodle until they do, just keep the pen moving.

During my evening routine, I write in my gratitude journal.

I write five things I’m grateful for in my life.

Two things I’m grateful for today.

One thing I’m grateful for that was unwanted. Something I didn’t like but that brought me wisdom and blessings after I got through it.

I have a much to share about journaling in the next weeks.

I’ll be posting a journaling class video on my Facebook page soon.

In the meantime, practice some automatic writing and gratitude journaling this week with the prompts I shared.

When we change the world changes.

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