How are you at asking for help?

I’ve been pondering this question lately in the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental areas of my life lately.

I find it’s easier for me to be aware of where I am when I look at each of these areas separately. Maybe that will help you too.

Growing up on a farm with five brothers made me independent, and for sure a little stubborn. I thought that if I asked for help, I would be weak. That was just for me though, I liked to help others and didn’t see them as weak when they asked for help.

Holding on to this way of thinking isolated me.

Spiritually it isolated me from the Guidance and Connection I longed for. I didn’t ask for help because I thought I had to figure it out on my own.

Physically it kept me from asking for help with things that were too heavy for me to move. I would do it myself the hard way. I did that just last week, moving a heavy flowerpot up the stairs to the deck. I hurled it from step to step instead of asking my husband, who was on the deck for help.

Emotionally it kept me adding layers to the tough exterior I had created. It kept me from feeling the pain of being isolated and that kept me from fully experiencing the love and joy I already had in my life.

We can only feel love and joy to the degree that we allow ourselves to feel our pain and discomfort.

Mentally this thinking had me creating stories about my worthiness. Why would someone want to help me?

Becoming aware of our patterns can help us change the ones that aren’t serving us.

We are not meant to do this life alone. We all long for love and connection. It’s important to surround ourselves with others who can support us as we support them.

I invite you to look at the areas of your life where you are struggling and ask yourself if you’re open to support in those areas.

I’m here for you!

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