2024 Mastermind Group


Thank you for your interest in my mastermind group, I’m thrilled to have you here!

Having support and accountability has helped me stay committed and consistent in living the life I desire.

Digging deep into patterns that held me back helped me move forward.

Our thoughts play a considerable role in how we feel and what we tell ourselves about what’s going on in our lives.

Success to me is feeling good most of the time.

When we feel good, our life goes more smoothly.

This certainly doesn’t mean that our life is without challenge.

It just means that when we hit a bump in the road, we navigate through it from a more intentional place.

I am eager to guide you and share with you some tools that I use to keep myself on track.

I am limiting the number of participants to 6, so there will be ample time for sharing and discussion.

There will be homework assigned for each meeting.

We will meet via Zoom, and will have a private Facebook group where your homework can be posted, you can ask for support, or share anything that you want to celebrate or that is challenging you between meetings.

Dates for the mastermind group:

  • May 8 and 22.
  • June 12 and 26
  • July 10 and 24
  • August 14 and 28

Time will be in the evening, and will be determined by the needs of the group.