Who or what is driving your life?

In our fast-paced world today, many of us go from one thing to another all day long. We rarely get everything on our ‘to-do list’ done. Spending time in the evening thinking about what we didn’t get done instead of all we did accomplish.

Do you let others drive your life?

What makes demands on your time?

Of course we have things we do for our family. However, how many of those things could they do for themselves? We start doing extra things because we want to and after a while, they become a burden with our already busy schedule. When children are young, they can’t help, but as they get older, they can do a lot of things.

The problem was, they didn’t do it the way I did.

I was more attached to having control over how things were done than having help. I let control drive my life.

Other times I let what I thought people thought about me and what I wanted their opinion of me to be drive my life.

The problem was there is really no way to know what someone thinks about you and one thing for sure, it can change from minute to minute.

When we get too caught up in obligations and other people’s opinions, we give up the driver’s seat in our life.

When we spend our energy managing our life from the passenger seat, speaking from experience, eventually we veer off the road.

To get back into the driver’s seat of our life we must take responsibility for our energy and where and how we use it. We must take the time to know what is the most important in the big picture of our life.

Once we know what’s important and what we truly want, we can take back the driver’s seat and move toward that.

When we change the world changes.

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