“My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the Universe”

“My happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the Universe”

I draw a card every day for reflection. It helps me to have a focus for the day.

Many times, I journal about what meaning the card holds for me. I have awareness where it shows up for me throughout the day.

When I drew this card today, I realized how true this was in my life.

In the moments that worry creeps in, I notice that I’m not happy. I might say that I’m not happy because of a situation or a person and if I dig deeper, I see that at the core of my angst is that I’m not trusting the wisdom of the Universe.

There is always a higher purpose for what we experience in our lives. Most of the time we can’t recognize that in the beginning of the experience. We can get caught up in the emotions or victim mentality, leaving us feeling helpless.

Trusting that there is a higher purpose and that the things in our life happen for us allows us to move through our life with a confidence that we are not alone.

Faith is a knowing that we are not alone and that we can make it through our challenges.

Faith is surrendering our will for how the outcome looks for a greater purpose; one that we can’t imagine because we have limited perspectives and knowledge.

Faith allows us to live our life with an open heart, knowing that the answers will come.

Living with an open heart, in happiness, joy, and love is our birthright.

Feeling good is our natural state of being.

Faith: trusting the Universe, God, or whatever you call your Higher Power, is how we live that life.

When we change the world changes.

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