How journaling helps you with self care

Let’s talk more about journaling this week.

Here are more ways that journaling can help you with your self-care.

Journaling is a safe way to vent.

Have you ever vented to the wrong person?

Have you said more than you wanted to say in the heat of the moment and had regrets later?

Sometimes you trust someone to hold space for you while you talk out your frustrations about another person or situation. This can be a little tricky if you’re putting that person in an awkward position by sharing information about someone you both know. I’ve learned the hard way to be careful about what I vent about.

What I’ve also learned is that I can work a lot of frustrations out myself by taking some time to feel into them, and journaling helps me do that. As I feel my feelings about a situation or person I’m upset with, I can gain clarity.

Taking time to process things we’re frustrated about disrupts the energy.

We don’t feel as upset when we move the energy through writing.

Journaling is a way to help clear your mind.

Do you have a busy mind?

Thinking about everything from what’s for dinner, to what your first-grade teacher said to embarrass you in front of the whole class, to what is she going to think if I don’t ask her to go on the girl’s trip, to when did I shampoo my hair last, oh well, I can go one more day. (Girls, you know who you are, who’s with me?)

It’s difficult to navigate our days some days, especially with our busy mind in the driver’s seat. Not to mention how challenging it can be to fall asleep at night with all that chatter. When we lay down and stop being in constant motion, our thoughts get louder because we’re not pushing them away with our busyness.

I keep a notebook by my bed for those times and do a brain dump.

I write everything that pops into my thoughts. It’s like making a list.

I’ve always been a big list maker, my mom used to say that I made lists of the lists I was going to make.

I felt like if I put it down on paper, I wouldn’t have to keep it in my mind.

Try doing a brain dump when you feel overwhelmed with thoughts.

Write as fast as you can and keep writing until you feel like you’ve moved some energy.

Then close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and release those thoughts for a higher awareness.


Enjoy the peaceful feeling of surrendering.

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