Find your peace within

When the world feels anything but peaceful, find your peace within.

How do we do that when things are loud, chaotic, urgent for our attention, and pulling us in every direction?

Let’s look at a few ways that we get stuck and give our peace and our power away:

We’ve been taught to focus on what we can’t control, looking outside for answers that can only be found inside us.

Instead, what if we focus on what we can control…our thoughts, words, and actions; stop blaming others for them and take responsibility for ourselves.

We’ve been taught to focus on what we don’t have and that we aren’t enough.

What if instead of focusing on lack, we focus on being grateful for what we do have and who we are.

We’ve been taught to focus on what we did or didn’t do in the past or what we will accomplish or acquire in the future.

What if instead we focus on the present moment, because that’s where our power lies?

We can focus our attention on whatever we choose.

What we focus on is what we will see more of in our lives.

Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

As I got more intentional about what I focused on and chose to focus on what I want to see more of in my life, my thoughts started to change. As my thoughts changed, my words and actions followed. I felt more peaceful and more myself.

I became more aligned with my myself, my Spirit, and started living more authentically. That’s not always easy, but it becomes the only way to live because the struggle is too much if I don’t.

That also doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to work through. The difference is that now I get quiet, look inside and feel my way to the answers that are best for me and do whatever that is, even when I’m not sure how others will respond.

Take some time to sit quietly and experience your Connection and the peace it brings.

There is a place inside us that is pure love; we can feel it and hear its gentle wisdom when we get still.

I know I’m Connected when I feel a sense of peace and calmness.

I know I’m Connected when I’m listening and not asking for something.

I know I’m Connected when I feel a sense of well-being for myself and the world.

I know I’m Connected when I feel supported by a force greater than myself.

I know I’m Connected when I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything.

How does your Connection feel?

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