When you feel like you’re stuck…go to gratitude.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I should be doing something…I’m not sure what, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a holding pattern.

I get impatient. Anyone else?

No matter how many times I remind myself that everything happens in Divine Time, my human nature wants things to happen when I want them to happen.

What occurred to me in my morning meditation was a reminder to BE. There is a time for moving forward and a time of what seems like a lull. In that lull, we’re being prepared for the next step.

Can you imagine if we got what we asked for instantly?

I’ve looked back at times in my life and know that all the experiences I’ve had, all the lessons I’ve learned, all the joys and sorrows, were preparing me to be who I am today. I didn’t often see the value in all the experiences as they were unfolding. Looking back, it all makes sense.

So, what occurred to me as I spent more time with this thought is:

Wouldn’t it feel better to spend my time being grateful for the lull and what it will bring, instead of feeling frustrated and impatient to be somewhere else.

Gratitude is so important. When we remember to appreciate where we are and what we have, instead of wanting more or to be somewhere else, we feel more peace and joy.

This is your reminder to go to gratitude when you feel like you’re stuck or not getting what you want.

Remember to appreciate the time you are in; it is preparing you for your next step.

Remember that your destination is always changing; as soon as we get one place, we’re preparing to move forward to the next.

Remember to BE.

May my reminders inspire you to get caught up in gratitude instead of want.

When we change the world changes.

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