What’s in your heart?

The world may seem to be spinning out of control these days. Oftentimes we don’t know what to do or say and our thoughts can lead us to feeling fearful and anxious.

When I start to feel worried about something, I pause, close my eyes, and put my hand on my heart.

Putting our hand on our heart draws attention there and takes it away from our busy mind.

Our head is where thinking takes place, and our heart is where feeling is.

I’ve learned that when worry or doubt creeps into my thoughts that it’s because I’ve forgotten in that moment that I am supported and loved.

Feeling like I’ve lost my Connection doesn’t feel good. It can cause me to spiral into doubting myself. Recognizing that feeling and pausing to remember that I am supported quickly comes these days because I’ve had a lot of practice.

Our heart is where our Divine Energy and our Human being come together. It is where we align with our Divine Truth. When we’re aligned with our Divine Truth, we bring to the world what we were meant to and naturally share it with others.

As we learn to live from our heart, our Divine wisdom guides us on our journey. We gain clarity on ourselves, other people, situations, and all that we seek Guidance for.

It’s crucial to live from our hearts, today more than ever.

What we do, think, say, and feel is what we contribute to the world.

With awareness, we can become responsible for our contributions.

We all have the power to make the world a more loving place by being aware of our interactions with ourselves and others.

When someone does or says something rude, will you continue the rudeness, or will you understand that rudeness has nothing to do with you and let the energy stop there. Or will you come back at them with the same energy, and tell everyone you see and post on your social media about the rude person you encountered, continuing that rude energy?

When we see life through the lens of our heart, we give ourselves and others grace. Then, grace is what we contribute to the world.

You may not feel like this is a big contribution to the world.

From the time I was very young, I felt strongly that it was my job to change the world. I remember worrying about how I would feed all the starving children and help everyone who needed help.

I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t think I could do anything to change the world. How could one person do enough to change the whole world?

I have come to realize that when I take responsibility for myself, my thoughts, words, and actions, for my feelings, my emotions, everything about me, instead of blaming others for the way I am, and how I respond or react, I put love out into the world. The ripple effect of love reaches further than we can imagine and has the potential to change other’s lives.

Not everyone feels called to make a difference in the world, do you?

Be the love you want to see in the world. That’s what I strive to be.

When we change the world changes.

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