What if we don’t need to fix ourselves?

What if we don’t need to fix ourselves? What if we’re not really broken?

What if the power lies within us to change the way we see ourselves and our lives and we need to release some things that are keeping us from experiencing our fullness?

What if it’s not about doing more? What if it’s about Being who we are?

What if we just needed to clear away all the things that we’ve piled on ourselves (we might want to add and that others have piled on us, and I would say that they did that with our permission), expected of ourselves and others, and stop telling the story that keeps us from our greatness?

What if we stop arguing for our limitations and instead start releasing thoughts and behaviors that keep us from being who we came here to be?

One issue that has been coming up over and over in recent conversations is ‘expectations.’

What if our expectations of ourselves and others are keeping us in a cycle of frustration and guilt, and we can release that any time we’re ready?

I invite you to take some quiet time and look within to see where you might want to make some changes in how you look at things in your life.

The expectations we have of ourselves, and others, are a heavy burden. They weigh us down and keep us from feeling free. They stand in the way of our birthright which is joy.

Use the journaling prompts to explore your expectations and how you might release them.

By releasing the things we can’t control, we find more light and freedom to be who we are.

What is possible if I let go of expectations of things and people in my life that I feel struggle around?

Sometimes we don’t realize that we have expectations and that they are causing us frustration. They are holding us in a cycle of not feeling better until the other person is better or the situation changes. Like that friend who always calls in the same crisis for advice and never makes any changes that you suggest.

Pick one area or person that you feel struggle with.

Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart. Connect with your Spirit. Your Spirit  has the answers you need. You just have to get still enough to hear the gentleness behind the ego’s loud voice and TRUST those whispers.

Read over each question and give yourself some time to feel into it. Write your findings.

  • What are my expectations in this relationship or situation?       
  • What do I want/need the outcome to be?
  • Why do I need this outcome?
  • Can I truly control the outcome?
  • What might happen if I trusted their Spirit to guide them in their journey?

It’s difficult to let go of people and situations, I know this for sure.

What I also know for sure is that there is freedom waiting for us on the other side of trusting and letting go.

Use this affirmation to help keep you focused:

I trust myself in my fullness.

When we change the world changes.

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