We don’t have to become anything that we’re not already

We don’t have to become anything that we’re not already; all we have to do is to let go of what is in the way of us living the lives we desire.

As we let go of our limiting beliefs, we remember who we are and begin to share that with others.

As we take responsibility for our life and our happiness instead of it being dependent on others, we find ourselves.

As we take our power back from the things that don’t serve us, the things that we do only to please others, we feel more powerful, more ourselves.

Why is there so much pressure to follow what everyone else seems to be doing in their lives?

Why is there this need to fit in?

We all long for love and connection. We come into this world connected to our Spirit, and along the way we have learned to hide it and try to be like everyone else so we fit in. We struggle looking for the connection we lost. We look outside ourselves to find it and that often leads to trying to fit in and people pleasing.

Real connection is not about fitting in, it’s about belonging.

Fitting in means you adjust yourself to get other’s approval. For a short time, it might make us feel the connection we long for.

Any time we aren’t true to ourselves, we experience struggle. After a while we get used to feeling that struggle so we stop paying attention to it and go about our days until we get a louder message in our body, like feeling depressed, anxious, or physical ailments. Sometimes it takes an illness or major life upset before we stop and look inside.

Belonging requires us to be who we are, it’s the opposite of fitting in.

When we belong to ourselves, our Spirit, we belong no matter where we are. We know we belong because we don’t try to control other’s perceptions of us.

Belonging requires vulnerability. When we are open and honest with ourselves, we become more comfortable sharing who we are with others.

How can we begin finding (remembering) our Connection and get back to belonging to ourselves?

My morning routine has been instrumental in my journey. I start my day with meditation, journaling, and quiet time. That sets the tone for my day.

I used to hit the snooze button four times, then I would have to rush around and usually ended up yelling and being late. I felt frustrated and rushed all day.

Being committed to taking that time for yourself first helps you feel like a priority and that you matter.

That’s where growth starts, being able to trust yourself to be and give yourself what you need instead of expecting others to be and do that for you.

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life. I know, I know, I have said this a thousand times.

Your life will change when you GET this, mine did.

As I reconnected with myself, I found connection everywhere in my life.

Start this week with time first thing in the morning just for you. Stay tuned for more things you can do to reconnect with yourself next week. Local friends, join us October 14 for an in person day retreat!

When we change the world changes.

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