Trusting the process

How do we trust when things aren’t going the way we think they should go or people in our lives are doing things we don’t think will turn out well?

Sometime, likely many times, we were disappointed with someone not showing up for us in the way we wanted or needed them to. Or someone shared things you told them in confidence. Or someone lied to you.

Many of those hurtful life experiences taught us not to trust people. That’s often what we remember about the experience.

We can’t control how others will show up, or what they will do or say.

Being able to trust involves focusing on what we can control.

What we can control is how we respond to the situation. We can control how we choose to see the situation and what wisdom we take from it.

There is always higher meaning in our life’s situations. Everything happens for me.

Sometimes it takes a while and much soul searching to find deeper meaning, especially in unwanted situations. This belief also keeps us out of a victim mentality, why did this happen to me?

What I have found in my life is that there is always wisdom that comes when I trust that everything happens for me. Mostly insights into something about myself. Things that happen in our lives can be difficult and change the course of our lives for the better.

Drop perfectionism.

(Coming from a recovering perfectionist) This is so freeing!  I learned that perfectionism isn’t as much about being perfect as it is controlling other’s perception of you, wanting them to think you’re beyond reproach. I worked hard doing everything so that there was no way anyone could find fault with me or what I did.

I’ve learned to trust that I don’t have anything to prove to anyone else.

 I’ve learned to trust that when I show up as myself, that’s all I need to do.

I’ve learned to trust that there will always be a higher purpose for every experience I have and the more I trust the quicker I see that purpose.

Trusting the process can be challenging.

Journaling your way to clarity is a great way to help you resolve those issues.

Use these prompts when you’re working through a challenging situation:

What can I control in this situation?
What is this lesson for me?
What wisdom can I embody today?
How did I show up for myself in this lesson?
How can I love and celebrate myself more?

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When we change the world changes.

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