The energy of challenges or solutions

The energy of challenges or solutions, which do you choose? Did you ever think about that?

In my mastermind group we discussed what patterns we had when it came to our challenges or problems. We looked at what the energy of challenge was like and how it showed up.

It showed up for me as mental chatter, constantly going over the problem, suffice to say, usually freaking out and making much more of it than it was. Many times, I went right to hopeless, feeling defeated before I gave a solution any thought.

I hadn’t ever thought about all the energy I put into my problems. Energy that could be better used in solution focus instead. What we focus on GROWS.

Have you created a much bigger problem in your head than it really was? My mom used to say I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I was masterful at adding energy to my problems, talking, and worrying about them. I would stay in that cycle for long periods of time, ignoring other things in my life. In other words, I would let them take over.

To shift out of problem focus, we need to pause. Solutions that are found when we are in struggle, will likely contain more struggle. When we stop the flow of energy it gives us the opportunity to feel different. During a pause, we have the space to see things more clearly and shift our focus. Solutions found in that space tend to contain grace and ease.

I used to think that if I tried harder to think of a solution that I would figure it out. That led to lots of frustration. Had I stopped as soon as I was feeling overwhelmed with a problem and asked for guidance, I would have saved myself a lot of irritation.

I have learned that closing my eyes and putting my hand on my heart brings me the pause I need. It brings my focus back to my heart. From that space, I ask for guidance and open myself up to possibilities that I could only gain from a higher perspective. Shifting to that energy always brings solutions, all I have to do is get quiet enough to listen.

When we change the world changes.

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