Signs from Spirit

Do you trust your gut?

Have you or have you heard anyone say they had a gut feeling?

Have you heard inner guidance?

Have you known something and you didn’t know how you knew it?

Have you had the experience of thinking about someone and soon after they called or texted?

We are not alone. We weren’t meant to navigate this world on our own.  We were all born with guidance that is sometimes called intuition.

We can tune into that guidance any time. As we get to know our guidance system, we get to know ourselves better and honor who we are.

How do we do that?

It happens with intention.

Intentions are powerful. There is intention behind everything we do, whether we are aware of it or not. Intentions fuel our actions and determine the outcome.

Meditation helps us connect to our spirit. Being in nature, running, being in water, writing, or drawing can also help us connect to our Spirit.

Being open to our connection to ourselves and to Spirit helps us notice the synchronicities that occur throughout our day. These synchronicities help us navigate our lives in a smoother way.

We are always being guided.

We need only to be open to receive.

The answers are within us. The problem is that we don’t get quiet enough to notice them.  We look outside ourselves for the answers and we don’t create the space within to trust and follow our guidance.

Now more than ever it is time for us to pay attention to what feels right to us. We are bombarded with information telling us what we should do, how we should think, what we should have, who we should be. At the same time, following those things, we’re feeling more lost because many of the things we’re being told don’t resonate with us.

There’s a part of us that knows life isn’t meant to be like we’re told. That’s our inner guidance, our intuition communicating with us through signs and sensations in our body through our senses.

As we learn to pay attention to how our intuition is guiding us, we flow through life, instead of getting stuck in difficult situations that are meant only to help us grow and evolve.

This is certainly not to say life is always going to be easy, we are going to have challenges, sadness, grief, and many other difficult things to navigate, but we don’t have to do it alone.

The answers are inside all of us.

Will you get quiet and trust that you’re not alone and that you are guided, and mostly that you are loved and deserving of the support you came into this world with.

When we change the world changes.

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