Observe how you feel

It’s so important to pay attention to how we feel.

The holidays can bring out emotions that are triggered by sadness, the stress of finding the right gift, making perfect memories, decorating, family gatherings and cooking.

What if we decided to use some of the energy we spend stressing over the perfect holiday on taking care of ourselves?

We can miss a lot of beautiful, seemingly ordinary moments when we’re stressed, just rushing through it to get it done.

I’ve missed many of those moments with my family because I was preoccupied with all the things I thought I had to do. I was stressed out, struggling to find the perfect gifts, make sure they were beautifully wrapped. Then we would have to pack everything up and make our rounds to see all the grandparents.

Now I would say we got to instead of we would have to.

I would love to have my kids young again (just for a day though) and go to see my parents and grandparents. I know what a gift that is.

Take some time to check in on yourself and how you’re feeling.

Close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and breathe.

Observe any feelings or emotions.

You are not your feelings or your emotions. They don’t define who we are unless we become them. Becoming intentional about your I am can change the way you see yourself. It’s that powerful.

The next time you’re feeling a difficult emotion, try saying:

 I feel anxious instead of I am anxious.

I feel sad instead of I am sad.

The two most powerful words we speak are: I am.

What comes after I am is what you are declaring about yourself.

Feelings and emotions are meant to be felt and released after the wisdom in them is gained. We’re not meant to stay in them and keep them pushed down in our bodies, bringing them up to use against ourselves or others whenever we feel like lashing out.

The best gift you can give yourself and others this holiday season is taking some time for yourself.

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When we change the world changes.

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