Nurturing your relationship with yourself

What if many of many of the struggles we encounter in our lives have the same underlying issue? Do you believe that they do? I do.

What if we are in charge of and capable of coming through those issues, we are responsible? Meaning not blaming the endless sources of struggle for our struggle and not knowing what to do.

I believe that part of our struggle comes from the disconnection we feel from our Spirit, our Higher Self.

We were born with a deep connection to who we are. As we grew and developed, we learned to look outside ourselves for the answers we needed. We looked to people we loved and even people we barely knew to tell us what was right for us instead of getting quiet and asking our Higher Self what was best for us.

As time went on, we relied more on other’s opinions to shape who we became. We learned to trust voices outside of ourselves and not trust ourselves. Little by little we became disconnected to our true selves and the struggles became more difficult.

Our relationship with ourselves started to break down, we stopped trusting ourselves and broke promises to ourselves, big and small. We searched for our worth in what we accomplished, acquired, and how we thought others perceived us. Chasing our value, unfulfilled, and wanting something but not knowing what it was.

Then, it happens. A major life changing event. A death of someone close to you, a divorce, a move, financial difficulties, whatever it may be. And we find ourselves in a heap on the floor, seemingly alone.

It’s in that space many times that we pick ourselves up and we peel away the layers of who we’re not and what we don’t believe.

We remember who we are.

As different as all our experiences are, something we have in common is our longing to remember who we are and share that in our world. However, that looks, your immediate group of friends and family, or the world, the longing is the same.

 Nurturing our connection to ourselves is so important. I’ve said this before, and I think it’s worth repeating:

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life.

We need a strong connection to who we are to know how to have that connection with others. When I took this to heart and made the effort to nurture my relationship with myself, my other relationships changed. They became deeper and more meaningful.

As I value myself more, I’m able to value others more.

I’m excited to share a group mentoring offer that I’m working on! 

If you’re struggling with your relationship with yourself and how to quiet that voice that tells you to play it safe and stay small, I can share with you what I’ve learned about myself and what it took to change. More details coming soon!

When we change the world changes.

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