Knowing ourselves

We talked last week about celebrating ourselves. What did you do to honor your beautiful, brilliant self? Taking time to honor ourselves is an important way to build our relationship with ourselves.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will have in your life. It is also the relationship that all your other relationships are based on.

Why does it seem so much more difficult to love ourselves than it is to love others?

Why is it that we take the time to get to know other people in our lives, but resist getting to know ourselves?

One of the problems with not knowing ourselves it that we let other people or circumstances determine who we are. We allow others’ opinions to define us. We allow circumstances or what we tell ourselves about them to change our perception of ourselves.

When we don’t know ourselves and what we want in our lives, we can be jealous and resentful of what other people have or do. We wonder why some people have an easier time making decisions and following through.

When we know ourselves, it is easier for us to honor our feelings. We don’t judge them, we simply get curious about them, feel them, and let them go. They do not define us.

This journey of finding out who I am has not always been easy. I have uncovered things about myself that I didn’t like. I have however, learned to love those parts as well as the parts I’m proud of. I have learned to take responsibility and change the things about myself that weren’t serving me. I have learned to give myself grace and acceptance every day, no matter what is happening or how I show up. I trust that there will be another opportunity to do things differently if I have regrets.

The process of finding ourselves is what life is about. I believe that knowing ourselves and sharing who we are, our authentic self, is our greatest life’s purpose.

Love and acceptance of others starts with love and acceptance of ourselves.

In the coming weeks I’ll share some tools I’ve learned on my journey back to me.

When we change the world changes.

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