How to see things in a new way

With the new year in full swing many are focusing on making changes in their lives.

What changes are you implementing?

I want to share with you a couple of ways we can get stuck in our way of thinking and in our lives. Sometimes a different perspective is what we need to see things in a new way.

We focus on what we can’t control.

How much time do you spend worrying about others in your life. Hoping they will do what you think they should do? This might be your coworker, friend, sibling, maybe even that lady at the store that’s not taking care of her kids the way you think she should.

We’re going to have thoughts, that’s normal. How long and how much energy will we give those thoughts? The more energy and attention we give something, the more it grows, whether it is what you want to grow or not.

What if we start focusing on the one thing that we can control…ourselves and use our energy to create the lives we desire and deserve.

We focus on what we don’t have.

We find evidence everywhere, especially on social media, that others have more than we do and have an easier life and are more talented. Things seem to magically appear for others. We often have no idea what they had to do and sacrifice to get where they are.

Big changes happened in my life when I started to focus on what I had instead of what I didn’t have.

Having gratitude brought me more things for me to be grateful for.

Practicing gratitude daily has changed my mindset from one of lack to one of abundance. I feel blessed.

We focus on the past or the future.

How much time do we spend fretting over things in our past, replaying them repeatedly? Or wishing for the future, feeling like we will have it made when we get the new house or job, publish the book, whatever it is.

We can’t change the past and the future has no guarantees. The present moment is where we create our lives.

We can create our lives intentionally by using our energy on what we want to create or unintentionally by giving so much of our power away to people and situations that all we get is whatever is leftover; we settle.

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When we change the world changes.

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