It’s taken me a long time and lots of work to feel free. I can truly say that now I feel a sense of freedom that I never knew before.

Where did this freedom come from?

The freedom that I feel today didn’t come from outer experiences.

The freedom that I feel today came from a change in my mindset.

The things in my outer world didn’t change until I changed the way I was thinking about my life, who I am, and what I desired and deserved.

I had to get past the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for my entire life. I made friends with the fear I had, still don’t like the fear, but we’ve come to an understanding.

I value my freedom to express myself more than I fear what others will think or say.

I have to remind myself of this from time to time, okay, more often than not. But I do it anyway.

It can be scary to live in this freedom, but once I experienced it, there was no going back.

The great thing about freedom is that we are in charge of our freedom. When things we can’t control in our outer world happen, we still have the freedom of how we think about it and respond to it. As we learn this, we can embody freedom no matter what is going on in our lives. This mindset keeps us from being a victim to what’s happening. The more we practice, the more we realize that everything happens for us.

Practice freedom, have a mindset that allows you to express fully who you are and use that freedom to dream big!

I’m excited to share a group mentoring offer that I’m working on! If you’re struggling with your relationship with yourself and how to quiet that voice that tells you to play it safe and stay small, I can share with you what I’ve learned about myself and what it took to change. More details coming soon!

When we change the world changes.

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