Focusing on our inner world

I listened to a podcast recently and the host shared the importance of focusing on our inner world. I love the visuals she created; it helps me to be mindful of where my focus is.

She said to think about having 100 antennas all over you to help you navigate through your life. Ideally, 80 of them would be pointing inward, toward your inner world and 20 outwards, towards your outer world.

The antennas pointing inward would alert us to the clues and messages from our Spirit that come through sensations in our body. We need extra help recognizing those messages because we’re so distracted and the messages are quieter.

The antennas pointing outward would alert us to what’s happening around us, and whether we are safe.

Most people live in the opposite direction, 80 antennas focused outward and 20 focused inward.

When we have 80% of our attention focused on what’s going on all around us, we pick up all kinds of energy that isn’t our own. We become concerned with the person that we think might not like us or be happy with us. We wonder what other people think of us, what they’re doing, how their life is so perfect when ours is anything but perfect.  How do they afford new cars, houses, vacations. Most of our attention is on other people and situations.

Then, the other 20% of our attention turned inward only has the capacity to notice the big things, like “I’m hungry, thirsty, tired. We can only notice the extremes like our body being in pain, not the nudges from our Spirit.

Where is your focus most of the time? How much attention is directed inward?

As we stay connected to our inner world, we recognize our intuition and guidance more easily. It’s all about where we focus our attention.

The world is getting noisier every day and the more antennas we have pointed outside of us, the more confusing it seems.

Bring more of your attention inward by spending some quiet time every day; meditate, sit in nature, read, or journal, whatever brings you peace and joy. Find gratitude in your everyday life.

Ask yourself throughout the day what percentage of your focus is inward.

Our answers are within us, waiting for us to receive and trust them.

When we change the world changes.

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