A month of contrast

January has been a long month of contrast for me, what about you?

It seems like months have passed since the holidays and the beginning of 2024.

I feel like I’ve been cocooning for the last couple of years to prepare for what’s coming this year.

I planned my first live event with three other incredible speakers, it was amazing!

I hosted a vision board class.

I found out that our dog has cancer.

I had a trip planned to visit my daughter in New Zealand.

My uncle that I’ve been very close to passed away after the most courageous three-year fight with ALS. I know he was watching out for us and making sure we got our trip in to see my daughter in New Zealand. His funeral was earlier in the day on the day we departed. I will miss him and I’m beyond grateful that he was a guiding force in my life and that his Spirit is free from pain. He left a beautiful legacy for many; he had a life well lived.

Everything worked out perfectly and in Divine timing.

And now, I’m having an amazing ten days in New Zealand!

My daughter is living here for a year and my son and I came to visit.

It’s been wonderful to be in warm temperatures, away from the icy, snowy, winter weather of Missouri.

Life is full of contrast; it’s meant to be.

In contrast we find gratitude, joy, sorrow, love, fear, and all the feelings that help us grow and evolve.

I’ve learned that when I’m in the middle of an uncomfortable place in my life, it’s best to just be there and trust that it holds the wisdom I need for the coming days.

Love and Blessings from Magical New Zealand!

When we change the world changes.

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