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Word of the year

I started a few years ago getting a word for the year. It’s interesting because each year my word seems to be the theme of my growth that year.

My word for 2020 was ‘vision’. The first thing I like to do when my word comes is look up the meaning of the word. Vision: the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

I wrote ‘vision’ on sticky notes and put them around where I would see them. I consciously thought about the vision I had for my life. I saw myself serving in a meaningful way. I really didn’t know what that would look like.

At the beginning of this year I had no idea that I would create a website, create a blog and post every week, create social media platforms to support all that I was doing, and start writing a book. I have had some wonderful, supportive people helping me all the way. In the midst of a year filled with chaos and fear, 58 years of my life experiences poured out of me onto paper. It was unexpected, to say the least. I have always felt that there was something more I would do. When the time was right, in divine order, all these things fell into place like magic. Everything came together with grace and ease, and it felt effortless. I was immersed in writing and creating.

I also encountered challenges this year that were not a part of the vision I had for my life. Given a choice, I don’t think I would choose those times, but they sure did put things into perspective and allow me to appreciate the times that are effortless. The challenging things that I experienced in my life this year happened, I believe, to remind me to not lose sight of my vision. To put myself first. To show me that I can have things that I’m struggling with AND keep moving in the direction of my vision. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, I can have both. I can remember many times in my life that I thought I couldn’t have both, and I mostly chose what would be easier for everyone else – telling myself that ‘after this’ I would get to do what I wanted to do.

Maybe one of the gifts of growing older is not only that you’re growing wiser, but that you know you don’t have as much time as you once did. I don’t feel a sense of urgency, I just choose me and keep moving in the direction of the vision I have for my life.

My word for 2021 is ‘connection’. Connection – association with or development of something observed, imagined, discussed, etc./ the act or state of connecting. I’m so excited to see all the places that connection shows up for me!

What’s your word for 2021?

Connections and Insights

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When we change the world changes.

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