What do you allow?

I’ve noticed with myself and many people that I talk to and mentor that we often have difficulty allowing ourselves to feel good. Meaning that we block opportunities to celebrate, relax, connect, enjoy, or just BE.

Allow is a word that has been coming up a lot.

What if the things that we dream of are there waiting for us to allow them into our lives? What if we don’t have to force them and figure everything out for ourselves? What if we just allow them to unfold? What would that be like?

What if we allow ourselves to rest when our body tells us to? That seems simple, but how often do you keep pushing through instead of taking some time to take a break? Think about how many small things that you don’t allow; and the excuses you make about why you can’t or shouldn’t.

Writing my book, speaking, mentoring, and inspiring people is my dream, and it is unfolding right before my eyes. It’s interesting though, that I wasn’t even conscious of that dream. I can tell you, now that I look back on my life, I can see that I longed for the connection that all these things bring me. This longing was locked behind my resistance to allow myself to experience what was in my heart. I didn’t feel deserving of feeling good. I thought I should do what others thought I should. I made a lot of excuses of why not to instead of allowing myself.

I’m working on allowing myself to celebrate writing my first book, soaking up all the feeling of accomplishment, rather than thinking I need to start my second book. I am allowing myself to take time to read, be outside enjoying this beautiful season and anything else that I catch myself making an excuse about why I shouldn’t. I am allowing blessings in my life that I blocked for a long time. Recognizing when I’m not allowing and changing that resistance to curiosity about the possibilities has changed how I live. My life has more meaning and purpose.

I choose to live in the possibilities of what I allow.

I allow myself to make mistakes.
I allow myself to do things that scare me.
I allow the same grace in my life that I so freely give to others.
I allow myself to be the greatest version of who I am.

When we change the world changes.

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