We came here in this lifetime to remember who we are.

We came here in this lifetime to remember, live in, and share the Divine Spark of who we are. This is not the easiest place to do that. We have many rules and distractions that keep us from remembering.

We have many people in our lives that encourage (sometimes maybe guilt and manipulate) us to do the things that they think we should do and be who they think we are.

 I believe that some of the deepest pain we feel is the pain of not knowing (remembering) who we are.

Our soul lets us know through feeling struggle that we’re missing something, that there’s something more. We feel that struggle many times throughout our life when we are talked out of something we want to try, or told our idea is silly and would never work.

We go about our lives allowing others and circumstances define us.

When we are young, we feel free to run and play, use our imagination and dream. We know who we are. We are powerful creators in our lives, we believe we can be anything we want. We love to sing and dance or build or teach.

What happens to that all knowing child that had all the answers?

As we grow, we quickly learn to start hiding who we are because others laugh at us or tell us not to do that. We don’t feel safe expressing ourselves. Then we start to question and doubt ourselves and what we know to be true for us.

We give our power away.

Throughout our lives we learn to look outside of ourselves for validation, love, acceptance, and for who we are; all the things that we knew as a child.

The nudges that something is missing, the pain, and the struggle we feel is our Soul trying to get our attention. When we don’t pay attention to those nudges, we become more dissatisfied and frustrated and we’re not sure why.

There is not another person on this planet that has lived your life and had your experiences.

Yes, we have some of the same experiences, but what we tell ourselves about and process those experiences is what shapes us.

If this sounds familiar to you and you are feeling like something is missing, I encourage you to look inside. That’s where the answers are.

You can begin by simply doing what brings you joy and taking time to relax and unplug from your busy schedule.

And that’s not simple when we’ve forgotten what brings us joy because we haven’t done anything for ourselves for so long.

Stay tuned, more about this in the weeks to come.

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When we change the world changes.

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