The Human Tribe

Quartz Jewelry Collection

The Human Tribe

Quartz Jewelry Collection by Tara Marie Jack

Tara Marie Jack is a renowned Jewelry Designer and Intuitive Artist. Her designs include the highly popular Archangel Line for Internationally Acclaimed Author and Speaker Sunny Dawn Johnston, which recently reached Best-Seller on Daily Om. Her designs hit National Television on Lifetime Movie Network's Seance with Sunny Dawn Johnston. Her designs were a proud sponsor of the LaFemme Film Festival in Beverly Hills honoring women in film. Tara is a featured artist at the International Women's Summit and Celebrate Your Life Events held by Mishka Productions. Most recently, she is a showcased artist at the Raw International Art Organization.

Tara Marie Jack is dedicated to creating uniquely high-vibrational jewelry for women to embrace their inner goddess and awaken their awareness to the feeling of their inner glamorous truth. She is also dedicated to creating designs for women to energize their inner spirit. Tara creates each design with intention from the inner messages she receives that support purpose in a woman's life. All the while, her designs are truly make-a-statement pieces with her love for high-quality unique gemstones combined with the brilliance of Swarovski Crystals in every piece.

The Human Tribe

I am not the color of my skin
I am not the preference of my
Sexual orientation
I dream of the day we lay down
Our labels
Connecting with our hearts
Expanding our knowing to
Our truth
You are me & I am you
We are a tribe
Love Respect & Kindness is
What I am committed to share
With every living being on this
We Are Awakening
- Tara Marie Jack

A note from the designer:

This is a very special line that I have created - as far as I can remember I had an inner knowing that we are all one & now more than ever it is important for us to recognize this, share it & live this truth.

This line also relates to our connection with Mother Earth & Her Divine Beings that support our journey with its Love for our well being.