Strawberry Quartz Bracelet


Swarovski’s pendant Cross Tribe pendant was designed by Céline Cousteau to echo and honor the tattooed symbols of an indigenous tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. Symbolic of coexistence with one another & nature rarely felt in this globalized world and a desire for remote places, they are part of the long human tradition of self-embellishment.

• Measures 7.5” – 8.5”
• Comes with custom gift packaging & cards

Made with:
• Strawberry Quartz, the master healing stone of Universal Love
• Swarovski Crystal Cross Tribe pendant
• Tierra Cast Rhodium Silver

About this design

Swarovski Crystals are known to deflect negative energy back to its source and illuminate the aura

Gemstone Properties

Strawberry Quartz carries all the energies of a Clear Quartz, with the additional vibrations of universal love, understanding of your reason in this world, and courage to seize the day.

Carrying a piece of Strawberry Quartz can be very soothing and calming for you, especially when you work in a fast-paced environment.

This crystal has the ability to amplify your intentions of love, appreciation, and generosity. It can also radiate these energies outward and influence your environment and the people around you.

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