Connection and Insights: Respond or React | October 17


I found that reacting took a lot of energy and left me regretting things I said or did. Where do those outbursts come from and what can we do to head them off before we regret our actions? I’ve learned that triggers cause us to go back to a time we were hurt and act from that place. Let’s talk about how we can learn to respond instead of react.

If you long for a sense of community and a place where you can share, grow, and learn from others’ perspectives, Connection and Insights is for you!

Join me via Zoom on October 17th from 7-8 p.m. CDT. The group size is very limited.  All you need is a journal and an open mind.

Each month we will dive into a subject so that we can share perspectives, gain clarity, connect, and expand our understanding of ourselves.

You will get a confirmation email when you register. You will be sent an email with the zoom link the morning of each class. Email me @ with any questions. I would love for you to share some topics that you would like to dig into!

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