Priorities: Where are you on the list?

Priorities: where are you on the list?

Sometimes things happen in our lives that allow us the opportunity to get really clear on our priorities.

What are your priorities? Have they changed in the past year? Are you clear on what your priorities are? Most importantly, where do you rank on your priority list?

Ok, this statement might trigger a reaction, but here it goes:

What’s TRULY important is what you will make your priority.

That statement caused me to look at how I prioritize things in my life. When I got totally honest with myself, I realized that my actions didn’t always match my words. I would say that my family was my priority, but in reality, my life was always planned around my work and keeping my house clean and maybe most of all, being perfect and looking like I had it all together. I always thought my family would understand if I had to work late. I thought my clients would go somewhere else if I told them I was busy and they would have to wait. Mind you, I didn’t ask them, I just assumed that’s how they would feel. I was always at my kid’s activities, maybe because I didn’t want anyone saying I didn’t show up for them. I had no trouble disappointing the ones closest to me because something else came up. I made other things that came up a priority over my loved ones. All the while if you asked me, I would say that my family was my first and number one priority.

I didn’t make my priority list so I wasn’t a priority…

Maybe I didn’t know how to prioritize because I didn’t make myself a priority. Now that I am at the top of my priority list, I have a clear understanding of how it feels when something gets in the way of that commitment. Of course, things will come up from time to time and we have to rearrange how we do things. We can navigate through those times and still not lose ourselves and what we hold most dear to us.

Priorities can and will change…

Different seasons of our life call for different priorities. We grow and evolve and our wants and needs change. Stay clear on what your priorities are. Make sure your actions match your intentions. My advice is to make sure you remain your top priority in every season of your life.

Here’s what is at the top of my current priority list.

 Me. My connection with the Divine. My well-being. How I show up in the world.

 My husband Clint and our family. Dear friends are family too.

At first, it felt a little wrong to be at the top of my priority list. The longer I am there, the more right it feels, and the more I have to share with everyone else on my list and beyond.

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