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Out of Hiding...Finding the Courage to Be ME

‘Out of Hiding…Finding the Courage to Be ME’ was placed in my heart to help me heal. I started this journey a couple of years ago with only thoughts of myself and what I needed.

The pages within are filled with short stories about wisdom I gained in the experiences of my expedition to find out (remember) who I am. After having looked outside of myself for the answers to life’s questions, I started an internal quest for a more meaningful existence. Since then, I have been in the process of unbecoming everything that isn’t really me so I could be who I came here to be. The layers of people-pleasing and being a victim, allowed my true essence to stay safely hidden. Turns out that was a false sense of safety that just kept me from expressing who I am and who I want to become.

This journey has not always been easy. I have had to forgive myself and accept some things about myself that I didn’t want to. I have had to take full responsibility for how I live my life and not wait for approval or blame others.

I promise you this:

There will always be another layer to uncover.

It has been totally worth everything it took to get back to me.

This adventure will continue until I take my last breath.

I invite you to see if anything in these stories spark hidden aspects of you. I recommend taking some quiet time to reflect and journal about your thoughts and feelings on the pages provided.

Be inspired to explore who you are deep inside and share the magic you came here to share!