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My Why

Living from my ‘why’ means living from my heart.

Living from my heart means paying attention to how I feel. I turn down the volume on my thoughts that are telling me what I should do or be and instead check in with how I feel.

It’s easy to get caught up in what we want.

Often times, we don’t think about why we want whatever it is. I believe that’s true in the big decisions of our lives as well as small ones. Do you ever ask yourself why you chose your occupation?  Pausing for a moment and asking yourself why you do what you do can give you some clarity and get you through times you want to quit.

I’ve been doing hair for 40 years! I love doing hair, but that’s not what lights me up. I did hair the first 20 some years only to make money. I got burned out. I was looking for something different to do. In the meantime, I attended an event with a motivational speaker. He talked about how hairdressers touched hearts. That was so true. That very day my ‘why’ changed from making money to touching hearts. That’s where I put my focus, and ever since, my focus has been connection. I love connecting with people – that’s what lights me up!

There’s a great exercise I use to find my why. It’s called the 7 levels of why. In this exercise, you write a question. It could be ‘what does it mean for me to be successful?’. Write your answer under that. Now that you have your first answer, the next step is to take your answer and ask why 7 more times. When you get to the 7th why, you’ll have the core why.

Knowing that I love connecting with people has led me to creating a blog, getting a website and mailing list, social media sites, writing a book, and building offers to share. If my ‘why’ was to make money, these things would not have come to me. All this didn’t happen overnight and I could never have guessed that I would be doing what I am. When we discover our real ‘why,’ we immerse ourselves in what we’re doing and the next step appears. We just have to be open and ready to receive.

When we live from our ‘why’, we live from our heart and our passion shows. Our ‘why’ lets others know what we believe. We’re drawn to and inspired by people who believe what we believe.

It’s a great time to check in with the big ‘whys’ in your life, especially if you’re feeling uninspired by things you’re doing. Maybe it will motivate you to look at what you’re doing in a different way.

When we change the world changes.

Connections and Insights

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