Looking Deeper

It is common for most of us to look at our life’s experiences and take them at face value. Meaning, we dismiss the opportunity to look deeper into what is hidden underneath emotions that come up in ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we are busy. Sometimes, I think it’s because we think it doesn’t matter.

For the longest time, I didn’t want to deal with how I felt. I thought all those feelings would just disappear if I didn’t acknowledge them. I was wrong. Ignoring them created fear. The lack of security I felt on the inside kept me looking outside of myself for relief.

Gaining a deeper understanding and clarity around what triggers emotions in us helps us know ourselves better. That’s what the spiritual journey is all about, knowing ourselves deeply.

We talked on last week’s blog post about how fear hides under many emotions that are more easily expressed or accepted. I think it’s worth a deeper dive and continuing that conversation.

When faced with personal challenges, we tend to respond defensively in order to protect ourselves.

We have a primal need to feel safe. That can cause us to hide and retreat within ourselves while looking outside of ourselves for the safety we need. We feel safe with people who think and act like we do. We lash out at others with opposing views.

What if instead we get curious and ask ourselves some questions?

 What can I learn about myself in this situation?

Is this behavior a pattern that I commonly repeat?

What can I do to feel safe?

When we truly feel safe, our words and behaviors will change toward ourselves and others.

When we get to know ourselves deeply, we don’t allow others to tell us who we are and their opinion of us won’t affect us.

True, lasting safety comes from within. It is a knowing that we are protected and are never alone. It is a knowing that no matter what happens to us that we have guidance that leads us through even our most challenging times.

When we change the world changes.

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