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Lessons from trees

It’s a beautiful fall day as I write this post. The leaves on the trees are becoming their most vibrant expression of surrender. I love the wisdom that trees have to share with us. We just have to slow down enough to see, feel, and experience it. Trees have a root system that stabilize and provide nourishment and allow it to grow and expand in beautiful ways into its full potential. That strong root system supports the tree during storms. It is dependent on its roots for life.

Our life is like that in the beginning. Then we try to control everything instead of staying grounded and surrendering to what is. Have you noticed when you watch kids play, that they just are? Meaning they have no agenda except being in the moment. They are so fully immersed in what they’re doing that there is no thought of what to do next. They allow things to flow easily from one thing to the next.

As we grow and slowly lose that surrender that was so natural and learn to control things in our life, we start to struggle. As we struggle we don’t remember our ‘root system’. Our root system, our connection, stabilizes us in turbulent times and provides nourishment to our soul. It’s where all the answers are, all we have to do is trust. It’s our inner knowing and the essence of who we are.

As much as I know this, I find myself struggling from time to time, looking outside for answers.

‘That’s what they did, that’s what it said in an article I read, that’s what the doctor said.’

I’m not saying to disregard everything that everyone says. I have learned to sit with how it feels. Which solution feels more peaceful and in alignment with my beliefs? What is true for me? Only I can answer those questions.

So today, with so many things trying to get my attention, I choose to slow down and surrender to my most vibrant expression, just like the trees. To stand tall and enjoy the sunshine and nice breeze is how I grow and expand…I just be…

How will you nurture yourself today? Set aside time to feed your soul.

Can you get quiet enough to hear your inner knowing? In the silence all the nudges and ideas come to the surface.

When we change the world changes.

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