How’s your energy?

Where does your energy go?

What and/or who do you give your energy to?

If we get curious and take the time to get really honest with ourselves about where we are using it, consciously and unconsciously, it gives us the opportunity to dig deeper to get to the underlying issue that is at the root of the burden we feel.

We can become depleted when we use our energy on things that don’t serve us.

On things that we give, give, give to, and get little or nothing in return. I can tell you first hand: doing that led me to being bitter and resentful. I didn’t realize that I was pouring all my energy into people and situations that, for one, didn’t ask me to, and weren’t filling me up.

If we are conscious of who and/or what we are giving our energy to, we can make choices about whether it is in our best interest. I want to bring to light some of our unconscious energy leaks. These may not be things that you thought of as draining your energy, but I assure you, they do.

Commitments to yourself that you don’t fulfill.


Unsaid conversations

Unfelt emotions

Responsibilities you take on that are not yours.

Do any of those resonate with you? All of those have been big drains for me. I know how much better I feel after I have said no to responsibilities that aren’t mine, or had a difficult conversation that I put off. I didn’t really think about those things taking all my focus. Or that the energy I used on something that didn’t serve me could have been used to create more of what I wanted in my life instead.

As I have become more aware of where my energy is going and I consciously focus it where I want, I have more to give myself and others; more joy, more love, more support. By being able to give all those things, I also receive them in return.

Here are some things that fill me, they give me energy.



Spending time with loved ones



Being outside in nature

We are responsible for our own energy and only our own.

We are meant to live joyfully and create the life we desire. When we consciously choose to take our energy back from people or situations, it will likely feel selfish at first. What if taking it back allows the other person to be responsible for their own life? And what if we discover we have more energy to do the things that bring us joy?

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