Getting out of our own way

Stepping aside out of my own way has been one of the most difficult hurdles for me to overcome. I have always been ‘my own worst enemy’. I would think up every negative scenario before anyone else could possibly give me their input. After years of struggle, I wanted to feel good instead of being bogged down with negativity. I don’t know about you, but procrastination has been a constant in my life. I waited for others or circumstances to change before I would change, and that rarely happened. I waited until everything was perfect, and it never was quite perfect enough. I waited until everything was done, and there was always more to do.

At the core of this difficulty is overcoming how we think and feel about ourselves. When I started to change the way I thought and felt about myself, everything in my life began to change. I began to see possibilities where I once saw only obstacles. I became less judgmental of myself and others. I began to feel more alive and connected. I felt more love for myself and others.

I waited until I was almost 50 years old to get past holding myself back. The procrastination was a form of self-sabotage, it kept me safe in the life I knew. I was afraid of the unknown.

Guess what I’ve found; the unknown is where all the possibilities are. And we are responsible for the changes we desire in our lives. We are responsible for loving ourselves the way we need to be loved.

Love is always the answer. Love is what we long for. Loving ourselves first may be the most challenging task we have to learn, and I can assure you that it is the most important part of living a life of freedom and joy.

I assure you that when you learn to love yourself, deeply love yourself, things in your outer world will reflect that love.

When we change the world changes.

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