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Connection & Insights

Connection is crucial. We are not meant to do this alone.

If you long for a sense of community and a place where you can share, grow, and learn from other’s perspectives, Connection and Insights is for you!

The Details

The group size is very limited.  All you need is a journal and an open mind. The cost is $22 for each month.

Join me via Zoom for one or all of the sessions. Each will occur from 7-8 p.m. CST.

In each session, we will dive into a subject so that we can share perspectives, gain clarity, connect, and expand our understanding of ourselves.

September 26  |  Forgiveness
Who do you need to forgive? Who is forgiveness for? Why is forgiveness so important? Let’s dive into a topic that is challenging and vital to living our best lives.

October 3  |  Critical Voice

Do you have that nagging voice inside telling you that you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or any other ‘not enough’ thoughts.  Having a critical voice caused me to be critical of myself, and others. I’ll share some tools I use to quiet my inner mean girl.

October 17  |  Respond or React

I found that reacting took a lot of energy and left me regretting things I said or did. Where do those outbursts come from and what can we do to head them off before we regret our actions? I’ve learned that triggers cause us to go back to a time we were hurt and act from that place. Let’s talk about how we can learn to respond instead of react.

November 7  |  Emotions

Do you ever wonder why some things spark emotion in you? When we’re not aware of our emotions, they can dictate our behavior. Let’s look at emotions and gain some insights into them so we can keep them from running our lives.

Ready for growth and community?