When love is

our purpose

When love is

our purpose

Creating change in OUR world to change THE world.

Meet Judy

Inspirationalist: One who inspires, or who aims to inspire, others; one whose beliefs tend to inspire others; also, one who professes to speak or act under spiritual guidance.

Judy James is an inspirationalist who is passionate about connection, growth, learning and teaching. She strives to live intentionally from a place of love and help others to do the same through her teaching and guidance.

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When fear doesn’t really look like fear

Giving power to fear can take away our power make changes in ourselves that could ripple out and change the world.

Taking care of your relationship with yourself

When we take the time to see ourselves the way we see those we love and admire, we become our own best friend and supporter on our life’s journey.

How else can I see this?

There are always other ways to look at any situation, no matter how pressing it is. Ask yourself, how else can I see this?


Adaptability, the ability to adjust to different conditions or circumstances, can be a great quality – until it turns into people-pleasing.

Don’t let not being great at something stop you from doing it.

Many of us have been raised thinking we have to be great something in order to find value in it. Let’s change that.

How’s your energy?

If we get curious and honest about where we are using our energy, we can get to what is at the root of the burden we feel.


We have been looking at ‘support’ in our Mastermind group and I realized some things about myself.

What is your dream?

We don’t know what experiences have the potential to be life-changing, so don’t let your fear hold you back.

What are you afraid of?

What if what we’re feeling is really excitement, not fear? They feel the same in the pit of your stomach, so why not tell yourself it’s excitement?

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