When love is

our purpose

When love is

our purpose

Creating change in OUR world to change THE world.

Meet Judy

Inspirationalist: One who inspires, or who aims to inspire, others; one whose beliefs tend to inspire others; also, one who professes to speak or act under spiritual guidance.

Judy James is an inspirationalist who is passionate about connection, growth, learning and teaching. She strives to live intentionally from a place of love and help others to do the same through her teaching and guidance.

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When we listen

Being silent and listening often has more power to heal and connect than our best advice or well-intentioned words.

We can’t control what others think about us

We spend way too much of our precious time wondering and worrying about what others think of us.


I truly believe much of what we’re experiencing in our outer world could be different and feel different to us. What if some of our frustration is driven by our soul’s desire for oneness and freedom?

Accepting Yourself

Let’s be aware of where we treat ourselves more harshly than we treat others.

Changing the World

How about instead of engaging with others about what we’re against, we talk about what we are for?

This and/or That?

When we think things have to be this OR that, we limit our possibilities. We determine that someone or something has to be right or wrong, good or bad, true or false.

Looking Deeper

Gaining a deeper understanding and clarity around what triggers emotions in us helps us know ourselves better.

When fear doesn’t really look like fear

Giving power to fear can take away our power make changes in ourselves that could ripple out and change the world.

Taking care of your relationship with yourself

When we take the time to see ourselves the way we see those we love and admire, we become our own best friend and supporter on our life’s journey.

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