When love is

our purpose

When love is

our purpose

Creating change in OUR world to change THE world.


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Out of Hiding...
Finding the Courage to be Me

Be inspired to explore who you are deep inside and share the magic you came here to share!

The pages within are filled with short stories about wisdom I gained in the experiences of my expedition to find out (remember) who I am. I'm excited to share it with you!

Meet Judy

Inspirationalist: One who inspires, or who aims to inspire, others; one whose beliefs tend to inspire others; also, one who professes to speak or act under spiritual guidance.

Judy James is an inspirationalist who is passionate about connection, growth, learning and teaching. She strives to live intentionally from a place of love and help others to do the same through her teaching and guidance.

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Meeting people where they are

I’ve learned that any time the word ‘should’ comes up, there is something for me to look at.


Create your life or it will create you.

Serving with a grateful heart

Service is not about getting anything in return. Service is not about outcomes or perceptions. It is only about sharing.

Who are you grateful for?

When you open up to others supporting you, your life changes in ways you can’t imagine.


This week I’ve been reflecting on how much I have to be grateful for. I plan to share about gratitude all month.

Life is full of blessings

When I look back on my life, I realize that my greatest challenges have become some of my most treasured blessings.

What’s behind your excuses?

Fear has a way of tricking us into thinking we are safe; it keeps us small.

What do you allow?

What if the things that we dream of are there waiting for us to allow them into our lives?

Seeing through the experience

Being mindful of what I want to contribute has changed the way I show up in my life and in the world.

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